The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University is holding the Fifth International Conference on Mathematical Sciences, ICM2016. The Department feels that organizing such a conference will help in bringing together researchers in the field of mathematical sciences from all disciplines.

It is our view that holding the Fifth International Conference on Mathematical Sciences, ICM2016, at UAEU will enhance the research by bringing together local talents and leading mathematicians from around the world. The conference will provide UAEU faculty members with the opportunity of discussing their own work with their peers in their research area as well as encouraging joint work.


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Keynote Speakers

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Conference Topics


  • Algebra
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Finite Mathematics
  • Fractals
  • Geometry
  • History of Mathematics
  • Logic
  • Analysis
  • Number Theory
  •  Numerical Analysis
  • Topology
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Cross-disciplinary areas of Mathematics
  • Mathematical Modeling in Environmental Sciences
  • Biomathematics
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Apr 4, 2016