Event Overview

Traditionally in engineering geophysics, the question of quality of building foundations is frequently addressed in the very late stages. However, due to common problems of subsurface soils in arid and semi-arid lands, the application of engineering geophysics has become mandatory prior to any project approval in Abu Dhabi Emirate for all types of construction.

For building construction, geophysics is generally applied for exploration purposes to provide useful information regarding the early detection of potentially dangerous subsurface conditions. The sources of hazards in civil engineering disciplines result essentially from undetected near-surface structures, such as cavities and/or inhomogeneities in subsurface foundation geomaterials. Information related to the local soil conditions is vital for risk assessment and mitigation measures.

Therefore, the conference is oriented towards new applied and theoretical approaches in engineering geophysics as well as specific case studies in civil engineering and environmental applications.

Organized by

Al Ain Municipality