Logistics and Hospitality

The UAE is a premier destination for tourism and business and offers the most modern infrastructures and hotels. Daily flights connect the airports of Abu Dhabi and Dubai with all major cities in the world. The four-day event is going to be held at UAEU campus in the oasis city of Al Ain (approximately 75 minutes away by car from both Abu Dhabi and Dubai) and at NYUAD in Abu Dhabi (the UAE capital, situated on the coast at 75 minute drive from both Dubai and Al Ain). Bus transfer between Al Ain City and Abu Dhabi will be offered to all participants during the conference. The UAE is a peaceful, safe, cosmopolite, culturally vibrant, and very fast growing society. It aims to represent a model of tolerance, progress, and stability for the Middle East. November, with its weather comparable to a warm Spring in Europe, is the best time for a visit. Contact us to ask further questions: mohamad.eid@nyu.edu or m.lorenzo@uaeu.ac.ae

Nov 29, 2017