Keynote Speakers

Fady Al Najjar

Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems, UAE University, Al Ain


Hoda A. Alkhzaimi

Research Assistant Professor and Director of the Center of Cyber Security at NYU Abu Dhabi


Mohammed Alotaibi

Assistant Professor at the faculty of CIT, & Vice Dean for scientific research at Tabuk University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Christoph Bartneck

Associate professor in Human-Computer Interaction and director of postgraduate studies at the University of Canterbury


Jose Berengueres

Director of Media Laboratory and Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems, UAE University, Al Ain


John-John Cabibihan

Professor in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Qatar University, Doha


Angelo Cangelosi

Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Cognition at University of Plymouth


Max Cappuccio

Director of Cognitive Science Laboratory and Associate Professor in Cognitive Science and Philosophical Psychology, UAE University, Al Ain


Robert Cheek 

Robotics analyst at Hyundai Motor Company – Investment Securities 


Ron Chrisley

Director of Centre for Research in Cognitive Science and Reader in Philosophy at University of Sussex


Michael Decker

Director of the Institute of Philosophy and Professor of Technology Assessment at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Jorge Dias

Professor of Electronic Engineering at Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi


Mohamad Eid

Director of Applied Interactive Multimedia Research Lab & Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi


Friederike Eyssel

Professor of Social Psychology, Head of Applied Social Psychology and Gender Research Lab at Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC), Bielefeld University.


Francesco Ferro

CEO, at Pal Robotics, Abu Dhabi & Barcelona


Dan Hutto

Professor of Philosophical Psychology and Cognitive Science at University of Wollongong


Lulu Hamdan 

Marketing and Communications Manager at Amana Heathcare


Lojain Jibawi

CEO, at Votek, Dubai


Amit Kumar Pandey

Chief Scientist in Human Robot Interaction & Socially Intelligent Robots at Softbank Research | Aldebaran, Paris


Ben Robins

Senior Research Fellow in Human-Robot Interaction at University of Hertfordshire


Giulio Sandini

Director of Research and Professor in Bioengineering at Italian Institute of Technology, Genova


Rob Sparrow

Professor of Robot Ethics and Philosophy of Technology at Monash University, Melbourne


Sanad Shaikh 

Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Amana Heathcare


Jun Tani

Director of Cognitive Neuro-Robotics Laboratory & Professor of Electrical Engineering at Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Steve Torrance

Visiting Senior Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science at University of Sussex

Nov 10, 2016