The Future is Here

A future in which robots will be our social companions and will assist us in many of our activities is quickly approaching. To get ready for tomorrow, a new kind of integrated research is gaining unprecedented traction: the study of interactions between humans inspires the development of more sophisticated autonomous agents, scaffolding the creation of the next generation of social robots. At the same time, the study of interactions between intelligent social machines and people provides insights into human social cognition and can inform and validate the explanatory and predictive models advanced by the social sciences.

Social Robotics

Social robotics connects these two trends, bringing together expertise from different scientific and technological areas such as human-robot interaction, software engineering, artificial intelligence, social and cognitive psychology, the behavioral and brain sciences, social cognition theory, cognitive philosophy and philosophical psychology. Various approaches to cognitive robotics, including developmental, evolutionary, embodied/situated, and “soft” robotics build on the results achieved in these areas.

Our Second Meeting

The United Arab Emirates is quickly emerging as an international hub for innovation. As such, it is committed to foster the progress in robotics, to assess its impact on the life of the people, and to support civil projects that can bring the greatest benefits to society. United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) and New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) have joined forces in organizing the “2nd Joint UAE Symposium on Social Robotics” (JSSR2016) as part of “Innovation Week 2016”. This event features a multidisciplinary program that brings together renowned developers, roboticists, and social scientists from across the globe to discuss the state of the art in social robotics. Join the multi-site event, be part of the group of experts, share your research, check out new robot technology, and discuss the latest innovations in the field.

Nov 19, 2017