International Conference on Cyberspace Security and Privacy (ICSP)


25TH - 28TH Feb 2024

About the Conference

As technology evolves, the volume and sophistication of security threats are growing at an alarming rate, underscoring the pressing need for novel intelligent approaches to secure government and industry physical and cyber infrastructure, and protect intellectual property, health and personally identified information.  The basic tenet of the International Conference on Security and Privacy (ISCP) is to harness the confluence of AI and cybersecurity to explore novel paradigms, architectures, algorithms and policies for security, privacy and anonymity in the physical, social and virtual world.  

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Conference Topics

  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Networks
  • Drones
  • Electronic control units
  • Smart appliances
  • Fraud and cyber-crime
  • Forensics and diagnostics for security
  • Security in hardware and side channels threats and attacks
  • Counterfeit and theft protection
  • Trust frameworks
  • Cryptographic protocols and technologies
  • Zero-trust architecture for metaverse
  • Zero-knowledge proof
  • Trust management framework
  • ID management, authentication and authorization
  • Accountability
  • Data sharing
  • Integration mechanisms across extended platforms
  • Trust and reputation
  • Attacks on/via social networks
  • Fake news detection and prevention
  • Information control and detection
  • Malicious information propagation modeling and detection
  • Malicious behavior modeling and detection
  • Cloud forensics and data analysis
  • Privacy-preserving measurements and analysis




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